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Statement from Lynn Nicholas, President & CEO,
Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association (MHA),
Regarding Nurses Strike at Tufts Medical Center
July 12, 2017

“The decision by the MNA nurses’ union at Tufts Medical Center to strike is unfortunate and misguided. The strike harms the best interests of everyone involved – patients, nurses, and the hospital.  And the action could have been prevented.

The MNA’s own documents reveal that the union deliberately timed the strike to be "most harmful to the hospital," which is completely irresponsible. The targeted action will ultimately harm the nurses themselves and cost millions that will be drawn from the funding the hospital had available for nurses' wage increases. Even the disingenuous labeling of the strike as a one-day action was a strong-armed negotiating tactic since the union knew that any replacement nurses must be hired for a minimum number of days.

Tufts Medical Center has been both responsible and responsive in these negotiations. The hospital contracted and trained replacement nurses to ensure that even with the union’s efforts to damage the hospital and disrupt patient care, Tufts Medical Center will continue its mission uninterrupted, and patient care will remain at the center of everything they do. By continuing a hostile approach to interactions with Tufts Medical Center and other hospitals that employ its nurses, the MNA union leadership has shown in very concrete actions that they are not only willing but eager to put themselves before patients.”