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81st Annual Meeting: Caught in Chaos: Is Meta Leadership the Answer?

Wednesday, June 7 - Friday, June 9, 2017

Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham, MA

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As change and uncertainty continue to dominate the healthcare arena, leaders are stressed more than ever. The challenges of running hospitals and healthcare organizations oftentimes overpower the ability to look at the bigger picture of shaping the transformational healthcare sector as a whole. At this year’s Annual Meeting, we will provide a break from everyday intensity to look at how Meta Leadership can help leaders think bigger and bolder despite the challenging distractions that arise each day. We hope you’ll join us and bring members of your team to learn, network, and allow yourselves time to consider the big picture.

Keynote Speakers

Caught in Chaos: Is Meta Leadership the Answer?

Leonard Marcus, PhD
Director, Program for Healthcare Negotiation & Conflict Resolution, Harvard University & Co-Author of Renegotiating Health Care: Resolving Conflict to Build Collaboration.

High Velocity Leadership:
The Mars Pathfinder Approach to Faster, Better, Cheaper

Brian Muirhead
Project Manager, Asteroid Redirect Robotic Mission, Former Chief Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory & Author of Going to Mars and High Velocity Leadership

Dis-Innovation in Healthcare: The Other Side of Disruption

Ron Galloway
Technology Expert, Researcher and Author, concentrating on the disruptive and unexpected effects of new technologies.
Disruptive innovation is all the rage in business and healthcare for the last few years. The pursuit of innovation obviously has benefits, and led to products such as the iPhone and Amazon Prime, and in healthcare, wearables that track patient data.
But what happens when innovation actually becomes “dis-innovation” and results in outcomes that not only don’t improve your hospital, but actually make things worse? A prime example of this would be EHRs, which were supposed to increase efficiency and drive costs down, but, in the case of MD Anderson Cancer Clinic, actually led to 800 employee layoffs.
Another example would be utilization of IBM Watson A.I. in healthcare, which, up to now specifically in cancer applications, has used up considerable healthcare resources with little of the promised benefit.
How can you tell what is innovative, and what is dis-innovative? In this presentation, Ron will take a deep dive into innovation through case studies, and identify the difference between what is truly innovative, and what simply disrupts healthcare organizations.

 Stephen J. Hegarty Speaker

Stumped: An Extraordinary Journey Through Tragedy, Comedy and Restoration
Will Lautzenheiser, Filmmaker, Quadruple Amputee, Recipient of Double Arm Transplant, and Subject of award-winning documentary, “Stumped”

Four years ago, by all accounts, Boston resident Will Lautzenheiser, 41, was following the plan he had set out for himself early in his life. He was pursuing a career in film-making and academia. After several years of teaching film at Boston University, he had just landed a dream job as a film professor at Montana State University. He had also found love in a serious relationship. However, in the fall of 2011, his life irrevocably changed in the course of a week: An aggressive streptococcus infection led to necrotizing fasciitis and rendered all four of his limbs essentially dead. Doctors were forced to amputate. Will learned about the possibility of arm transplantation not long after he lost his limbs, but it came with its own set of complications. A transplant of this kind would most likely require a lifetime of taking immuno-suppressant drugs, inviting a host of unwanted side effects. But after clearing a series of tests and exams over the course of a year, Lautzenheiser decided to go ahead with the nine hour double arm transplant procedure at Brigham and Women's hospital in October of 2014. Since Will’s surgery, he has wiggled his fingers, felt the wind on his arms, and embraced his partner Angel. Today, Will has new hope for a promising future in which he can gradually reclaim his independence and return to filmmaking and teaching. In 2017, the documentary “Stumped” was released; a short documentary about Will’s rehab and how he coped with tragedy through stand-up comedy. The feature documentary continues chronicling Will’s journey through comedy as well as life-changing experimental medicine. “Stumped” was the headliner at the 2017 Boston Independent Film Festival and has won the Global Health Award at the 2017 Cleveland International Film Festival.


More about our keynote speakers:
Leonard Marcus, Ph.D.

Dr. Marcus is founding Director of the Program for Health Care Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.  Dr. Marcus is also founding Co-Director of the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative, a collaborative effort of HSPH and the Kennedy School of Government, developed in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the White House, and the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Defense. Dr. Marcus is lead author of the primary text in the field, Renegotiating Health Care: Resolving Conflict to Build Collaboration. Dr. Marcus has directed numerous projects intended to advance development of the negotiation.

Dr. Marcus teaches HSPH courses on negotiation and conflict resolution and leadership. His research interests include: factors associated with the coordination of effort for national and international terrorism response strategies; implications of conflict in health care services; the uses of mediation for resolving health disputes; the contributions of conflict resolution to error prevention in health care; as well as on the role health can play in resolving larger social conflict. Dr. Marcus has developed a number of practical applications of mediation and conflict resolution. He has consulted to, trained, or provided executive coaching to leading health care organizations.  His international work includes assignments in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Brian Muirhead

Few people in business today have managed teams as high performance or as successful as those Brian Muirhead has led for NASA. Brian Muirhead is a hands-on leader working at the front lines of some of the greatest technical and management challenges of today. His experiences and insights as a team builder, technologist, problem solver, and culture change innovator make him an exciting and compelling speaker. Brian will show your organization the techniques that have made him an award-winning leadership innovator, implementing solutions to seemingly impossible challenges and delivering results. His exciting stories of deep space exploration and its challenges are surprisingly applicable to business right here on Earth. His practical applications of “rocket science” will help you lead your organization to success in the future.

A recipient of two of NASA’s Outstanding Leadership Medals, Brian has worked in both robotic and human exploration. He was Chief Engineer of the Mars Science Laboratory during the invention of Sky Crane, which was used to achieve the Mars rover Curiosity’s spectacular landing on Mars in 2012. As the former Chief Architect of NASA’s Constellation project, aimed at establishing a permanent base on the moon in preparation for human exploration of Mars, he led the development of a viable architecture for human exploration beyond earth orbit. Currently, Brian is the Project Manager for the Asteroid Redirect Robotic Mission, to land on a large asteroid, land on it, pick up an approximately 3 m (10 ft) boulder, and return the boulder to an orbit around the moon, where a human crew will bring a sample back to Earth. He is also former Chief Engineer of Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Brian is the author of the highly-praised book High Velocity Leadership. His second book, Going to Mars, (with Gar and Judy Reeves-Stevens), offers an insightful and personal look behind the scenes at the leaders that make today’s exploration of Mars possible. Brian is a compelling storyteller with exciting stories based on in-depth knowledge and wisdom that only comes from real hands-on experience. With passion and intelligence, he will share with you the excitement and challenges of exploring the unknown while providing insights and practices that you can apply in your own organization.

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Four (4.0) hours of Qualified Education credits will be granted for this program toward advancement or recertification in the American College of Healthcare Executives.


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