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A voluntary statewide effort to ban all tobacco use
on hospital campuses.

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"Why are we doing this? Because tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States and hospitals are stewards of the public health.

In cooperation with the Mass. Department of Public Health, MHA established a dedicated section of our website to provide a one-stop, on-line resource and support center for hospitals to get the information they need to take this important step forward."

- Lynn Nicholas, FACHE, President & CEO, Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association.

Welcome to MHA’s Online Support Center

As stewards of the public's health, hospitals are well positioned to become leaders in the tobacco-free effort. This initiative is designed to encourage and support Bay State hospital's voluntary effort to become tobacco-free and ban use of all tobacco products anywhere on the hospital campus.

This area of MHA's website serves as a one-stop informational resource including a comprehensive tool kit to help make your hospital’s transition to a tobacco-free facility as easy as possible, success stories with best practices from early adopters locally and nationwide, potential challenges and problem-solving techniques to address the inevitable bumps in the road, useful links to tobacco cessation and policy implementation information from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH),  and many other resources.


Seven Steps to Becoming Tobacco-Free

Moving to a tobacco-free environment takes planning, time, and incremental implementation. Not every hospital or health system will start their tobacco-free efforts the same way, or in the same place. With DPH's input, MHA developed seven steps that are important building blocks for the successful implementation of an organization's tobacco-free policy.


MHA is continuously compiling tobacco-cessation and policy implementation including example policies and implementation steps as well as cessation assistance for patients and employees to assist all hospitals in Massachusetts voluntarily adopt a tobacco-free policy within their organizations. These resources have been gathered from DPH,the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as hospital associations and healthcare systems across the country to give a well-rounded approach to the tobacco-free initiative.

As part of MHA's Healing Inside and Out: MA Tobacco-Free Hospitalsinitiative to voluntarily ban all tobacco use on hospital campuses, the association offered a free member briefing for hospitals and health systems on December 12, 2011. You can view the presentation and hospital case study resources here.

Communications Tool Kit

Good internal and external communication is key to successfully implementing a tobacco-free policy. MHA is here to support you and we've prepared a tool kit to assist you in educating your employees, patients, visitors, local communities and media.

Success Stories

Hospitals are encountering many of the same challenges when prohibiting the use of tobacco products anywhere on their campus(s). MHA is writing and collecting hospital's success stories so that organizations can learn best practices from each other and share resources. Please let us know if you would like to share your hospital's story!

Honor Roll

The Honor Roll recognizes Massachusetts hospitals that self-reported having fully achieved tobacco-free status, which means the grounds are completely tobacco-free, including parking lots and garages, there are absolutely no exceptions. Tobacco-Free Hospitals have policies which eliminate employee, patient and visitor exposure to tobacco smoke and assist employees and patients to quit smoking.

For more information on the MHA Healing Inside and Out: MA Tobacco-Free Hospitals initiative, please contact MHA's Communications team at info@mhalink.org.