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MHA Healthier Hospitals Initiative 



Massachusetts hospitals and health systems voluntarily promote leaner energy and healthier foods within their facilities across the state.

"Many Massachusetts hospitals and health systems already are working on various strategies to reduce their carbon footprint and focusing on developing wellness and prevention programs for their patients, workers, and communities. MHA’s efforts will help coordinate these efforts, which are consistent with the community health improvement goals that have been endorsed by both the federal and state government.”

-Lynn Nicholas, President & CEO, Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association


Welcome to MHA's Online Support Center

The Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association is working with Health Care Without Harm to supplement existing efforts within the healthcare system toward environmental sustainability. Our goal is to assist hospitals improve their environmental stewardship and achieve the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid’s Triple Aim: better care for individuals, improved health for populations, and reduced per capita healthcare costs.  MHA is working with our members to support the sharing of best practices and other resources for hospitals and their affiliates.

The Massachusetts Healthier Hospitals Initiative is focused on two specific challenge areas that improve the health and lives of our patients and our communities:

        • Improve Energy Efficiency and Reduce Operational Costs
        • Promote Wellness and Prevention though Healthier Eating by Committing to Antibiotic Stewardship efforts

This webpage is intended to serve as a clearinghouse for information available to Massachusetts hospitals as well as a one-stop resource for best practices, success stories, and more.  Information will be posted to this site that will include guidance materials, educational handouts, and best practices from a network of national and local experts. 

Antibiotic Stewardship

MHA is working with Massachusetts hospitals to sign on to an Antibiotic Stewardship Initiative that would reduce the amount of meat products with non-therapeutic antibiotics.

        Hospital Resources

                                • Commitment Letter to Join the MHA Antibiotic Stewardship Initiative . 
                                • Background and Guidance Materials for Hospitals that Have Signed the Antibiotic Steardship Commitment .
                                • Healthier food fact sheet
                                • Overview on the Role of Health Care in Eliminating Antibiotic Overuse in Animal Agriculture.

                       2015 Webinar Series related to Developing Antibiotic Stewardship within your Facilities: 

                                • Foundations: Emerging Science, Food Production Practices, and Federal Policy.
                                • Opportunities for Health Professional Engagement: Clinical Advocacy on Policies and Procurement Resolutions
                                • The Role of Procurement in Preventing Antibiotic Overuse in Food Production.   

         In the News

                               • The Honor Roll of facilities who have committed to the initiative  
                               • In March the Obama Administration released this National Action Plan for Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria.    
                               • Meat Companies Go Antibiotics-Free as More Consumers Demand It



                               • MHA Webinar 5.5.15.
                               • Berkshire Health Systems - Healthier Food


Energy Efficiency

MHA is working with Massachusetts Hospitals to reduce energy use, decrease hospital operating costs, and promote energy alternatives throughout the state.

      Hospital Resources

                            •  Energy Information Resource for Hospitals in MA .
                            • Leaner Energy Fact Sheet.          

      In the News

                           •  MHA’s press release on its affiliation with HHI 
                           • Boston Herald article on Mass. hospitals participating in HHI 
                           • Boston Globe article on Massachusetts hospital 


                          • Boston Medical Center - Leaner Energy.
                          • Baystate Health - Leaner Energy.
                          • Southcoast Health - Leaner Energy.