Financial Services

The Massachusetts Legislature’s Joint Financial Services Committee considers matters concerning banks, banking institutions, credit unions, insurance companies, insurance, including motor vehicle insurance, small loans and more, including health insurance. MHA works to educate committee members and positively impact legislation that affects our members in this arena. 
MHA supports SB499/HB536 which seeks to guarantee women access to preventive health care, including contraception coverage, without co-pays. MHA strongly supports HB502, which requires MassHealth, its contractors, and all private insurers to adequa
MHA appreciates this opportunity to offer comments related to HB2811/SB120, “An Act Relative to Family Financial Protection.”
MHA offers testimony on a series of bills relating to commercial insurance.
HB523 Relative to Uncollected Co-pays, Co-insurance and Deductibles
The Joint Committee on Financial Services will hold a hearing on An Act Advancing and Expanding Access to Telemedicine Services


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