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A number of other state legislative committees occasionally deal with matters of interest to MHA and our members. Click on the individual committee names below to see bills, issues, legislation and other matters of interest that fall under these entities’ jurisdiction.
The healthcare “cost-containment and reform” bill that the Massachusetts Senate passed at midnight last Thursday offer some positive steps forward, but also areas of concern.
Debate on the State Senate’s sweeping healthcare bill -- An Act Furthering Health Empowerment and Affordability by Leveraging Transformative Health Care (S.219) – begins on Wednesday, Nov. 8 and 9.
10.31.2017  | The HEALTH Act
An Act Furthering Health Empowerment and Affordability by Leveraging Transformative Health Care (the HEALTH Act)
HB2167 An Act to Improve Health Care Costs for Employers and Consumers
SB1682 An Act Providing For 3rd Party Expert Evaluation of Scope of Practice Legislation
Senate leaders unveiled a 159-section, 101-page healthcare reform bill on Tuesday that addresses behavioral health, provider price variation, readmissions, the scope of practice for various health professions, and telemedicine – among a host of other
HB1974/HB1981 would create a significant burden and increased costs on both phlebotomists and hospitals that rely upon phlebotomist services.
HB1304 An Act Establishing a Primary Seat Belt Law
SB995 would bring important equity to the application of penalties related to violations of the state’s wage and hour laws.
MHA appreciates this opportunity to offer comments in opposition to SB195, "An Act to Clarify and Enhance Privacy Protections for Electronic Health Records (EHRs)."
MHA appreciates this opportunity to offer comments in strong support of SB354, “An Act relative to Reserving Beds in Nursing Homes During Certain Leaves of Absence.”
The Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association (MHA), on behalf of our member hospitals, health systems, physician organizations and allied healthcare providers, appreciates the opportunity to offer its strong support for HB659.
HB110 An Act Relative to Ensuring the Safety of Residents of Facilities Under the Authority of the Department of Mental Health & the Department of Developmental Disabilities
The following legislative and administration re-assignments this past week affect the healthcare community.
The Massachusetts Telemedicine Coalition (tMED) today testified in support of state legislation to advance and promote access to telemedicine services for patients in the commonwealth. HB578
SB1235 An Act to Prevent Unscrupulous Medical Debt Recovery Practices
HB2442/SB2137, HB3226/SB1245, HB3240, HB1200/SB1224, SB1264 Disease Prevention, Screening and Mandated Benefit
MHA – joining with the Massachusetts Health Council, the Boston Foundation and the American Heart / American Stroke Association – testified before the Joint Committee on Revenue in strong support of a tiered excise tax proposal on sugary drinks.
Establishing Fair Scheduling Practices for Employees in the Commonwealth


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