Other Key Agencies

Numerous additional state agencies support, regulate, review or otherwise administer healthcare in Massachusetts. Click on the name of one of the individual agencies listed below for more information on their work, and MHA’s related advocacy and outreach efforts.
10.31.2017  | The HEALTH Act
An Act Furthering Health Empowerment and Affordability by Leveraging Transformative Health Care (the HEALTH Act)
While debate in Massachusetts and in Washington focus on healthcare costs and healthcare access, a more general question merits attention: In the incessant effort to regulate all aspects of the healthcare community, is the state creating a regulatory
The Mass Collaborative, of which MHA is a founding member along with insurance companies and providers, last week had one of its prior authorization initiatives approved by the Department of Insurance (DoI).
MHA offers testimony on a series of bills relating to commercial insurance.
MHA appreciates this opportunity to offer comments in strong support of SB354, “An Act relative to Reserving Beds in Nursing Homes During Certain Leaves of Absence.”
The state’s Judicial Court on Wednesday appointed the Division of Insurance’s (DoI) acting commissioner Gary Anderson as the receiver of the health insurance company Minuteman Health.
HB110 An Act Relative to Ensuring the Safety of Residents of Facilities Under the Authority of the Department of Mental Health & the Department of Developmental Disabilities
HB2466, HB2467 Tobacco and Agencies
SB1235 An Act to Prevent Unscrupulous Medical Debt Recovery Practices
Last week Auditor Suzanne Bump issued a mandated report on Chap. 224 that focuses on the gains and remaining challenges of the law.
HB2442/SB2137, HB3226/SB1245, HB3240, HB1200/SB1224, SB1264 Disease Prevention, Screening and Mandated Benefit
Following legislative review by the recently created Joint Committee on Marijuana Policy, the House and Senate last week approved differing bills that amend the state’s new law legalizing the commercial sale of marijuana.
The Division of Insurance (DOI) has scheduled two webinars to assist carriers and providers to understand the Risk-Bearing Provider Organization (RBPO) certificate process in relation to the development of MassHealth ACO contracts.
Improving the Mental Health Examination Process of Inmates at Places of Detention
The Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association, on behalf of its member hospitals, health systems, physician organizations, and allied health care providers, appreciates this opportunity to offer comments in strong support of HB1190 / SB62.
The Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association, on behalf of our member hospitals, health systems, physician organizations and allied health care providers, appreciates the opportunity to submit comments in support of HB101.
New England Baptist Hospital announced it had signed a letter of intent to explore joining Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Lahey Health in creating a combined healthcare system.
The Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association (MHA) appreciates the opportunity to submit comments on legislation related to improving access and treatment for behavioral health services.
Emergency department (ED) boarding for patients in need of inpatient psychiatric and substance use disorder services is a problem.
TOBACCO FREE MASS is holding its Fourth Annual Awards Ceremony and Fundraiser on Thursday, June 23, from 8 to 10 a.m. at the Massachusetts Medical Society.


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