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The Massachusetts Medical Society has joined the Coalition to Protect Patient Safety in opposing the nurse staffing question on the ballot this November.
07.16.2018  | Vote NO On 1!
The Secretary of State’s office has certified three questions that will appear on the November ballot and assigned numbers to them.
Things moved at a slow pace during last week’s oppressive heat wave and mid-week Independence Day holiday. But MHA continued its focus on key priorities.
Interested to see how your hospital staffs each of its units? Want to see how the federal government rates your hospital’s quality of care?
The Massachusetts Senior Care Association has joined the Coalition to Protect Patient Safety in opposition to the proposed nurse staffing ballot question.
The SJC ruled last Monday that an initiative petition imposing inflexible nurse staffing ratios on all hospitals would proceed to the ballot.
Late Thursday night, Berkshire Medical Center and the Massachusetts Nurses Association reached an agreement on a contract.
Mark A. Keroack, M.D., president & CEO of Baystate Health, is the 78th Chair of the Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association Board of Trustees.
The Coalition to Protect Patient Safety last week released a television ad that points out the serious patient care deficiencies of a proposed statewide ballot question.
Nurses are opposed to government-mandated ratios. They see the rigid ratios as an infringement on their autonomy to use their own judgement, along with that of their peers on a unit, to determine what is best for patients under their collective care.
Baystate Franklin Medical Center announced last Wednesday that it had agreed to a new five-year contract with its nurses who are represented by the Massachusetts Nurses Association.
The president of an assisted living facility in Milford last week offered an “Economics 101” lesson on the nurse staffing ratio ballot question.
The Commonwealth Fund’s most recent Scorecard on State Health System Performance places Massachusetts at number 2 in the nation – up from fifth place in 2017.
Two more nurse-centric groups last week came out against the ballot question that would impose rigid nurse staffing ratios on all hospitals at all times.
Over the past year, MHA has worked with its membership across the commonwealth to address issues of workplace safety and wellbeing.
An independent study of mandated nurse staffing ratios found that the proposed ballot question will conservatively cost the state’s healthcare system $1.31 billion in the first year, and $900 million annually thereafter.
Last Monday, April 30, approximately 180 opponents of government-mandated nurse staffing ratios attended a hearing on ratio legislation before the Joint Committee on Public Health.
Hebrew SeniorLife President & CEO Louis Woolf recently posted a blog on the nurse staffing issue entitled “Massachusetts Nursing Ballot Question is Bad for Our Health.”
The Massachusetts legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Health holds a hearing today at 1 p.m. on the ballot question to impose mandatory RN staffing ratios.
Four major business groups have all joined the Coalition to Protect Patient Safety to oppose a nurses union’s ballot question.


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