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The American Nurses Association Massachusetts has joined the Coalition to Protect Patient Safety.
New York passed a law requiring future RN graduates of associate degree and diploma nursing programs to get a BS degree in nursing within 10 years.
Massachusetts is the healthiest state in the union, according to a new survey from United Health foundation.
Nurses and hospital leadership groups last Tuesday announced the launch of the Coalition to Protect Patient Safety.
A new nurse education initiative announced on Friday compliments long-standing MHA efforts to improve both the supply and education of registered nurses.
The Massachusetts Nurses Association’s attempt to violate Brigham and Women’ Hospital’s mandatory flu vaccination policy was rejected by a Suffolk Superior Court judge.
MHA & ONL letter to the editor of Boston Magazine regarding the magazine's article, "Nurses Revolt" in October 2017. The piece paints a one-sided picture of the issue of nurse staffing and recklessly calls on hospitals to “wave the white flag” during
The healthcare “cost-containment and reform” bill that the Massachusetts Senate passed at midnight last Thursday offer some positive steps forward, but also areas of concern.
The healthcare “cost-containment and reform” bill that the Massachusetts Senate passed at midnight last Thursday offer some positive steps forward, but also areas of concern.
HB1974/HB1981 would create a significant burden and increased costs on both phlebotomists and hospitals that rely upon phlebotomist services.
A strike orchestrated by the Massachusetts Nurses Association union on Tuesday resulted in nurses at Berkshire Medical Center leaving their patients’ bedside to protest outside of the hospital.
Berkshire Medical Center on Friday received a strike notice from its nursing union, which set Tuesday, October 3 as the date for its one-day walkout.
MHA appreciates this opportunity to offer comments in strong support of HB2322 “An Act Relative to Emergency and Disaster Planning for Healthcare Providers.”
MHA and ONL have publicly posted the latest available selected nursing-sensitive care measures, most of which are endorsed by the National Quality Forum (NQF), for 74 Bay State hospitals. Reported measures include pressure ulcer prevalence, patient f
Union nurses at Tufts Medical Center left their patients’ bedsides on Wednesday to strike.
The decision by the MNA nurses’ union at Tufts Medical Center to strike is unfortunate and misguided. The strike harms the best interests of everyone involved – patients, nurses, and the hospital.
The Massachusetts Nurses Association sent out an e-mail directive to its members at Tufts Medical Center asking them to strike at a time that is “most harmful to the hospital.”
HB2442/SB2137, HB3226/SB1245, HB3240, HB1200/SB1224, SB1264 Disease Prevention, Screening and Mandated Benefit
Establishing Fair Scheduling Practices for Employees in the Commonwealth


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