State Issues Regulations, Material on End-of-Life Care

At the end of December, DPH issued recommended information for providers to use in developing materials for end-of-life care planning with patients. DPH’s materials were developed pursuant to regulations that require hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, health centers, and assisted living facilities to provide information regarding the availability of palliative and end-of-life care options to appropriate patients. The regulations, in turn, were mandated through the Chapter 224 reform law.

The overall goal of the regulations and the information DPH issued is to help patients be more informed about end of life and other advanced care planning options.  In particular, the materials should encourage the patient to think about these important issues, make a decision, and communicate his or her beliefs, values, wishes, etc. to the right persons (i.e. family, the provider, or others).

The regulations and the materials (in 10 languages) are all available on this state website , as well as through PatientCareLink, where DPH’s “Know Your Choices” brochure along with other resources for patients to participate in their care are posted.