HPC approves ACO certification criteria

Massachusetts’ latest healthcare reform law, Chapter 224, requires the Health Policy Commission (HPC) to “establish a process for certain registered provider organizations to be certified as accountable care organizations (ACOs).” On April 27, the HPC Board approved final ACO certification criteria, after introducing draft criteria in January followed by a public comment period. During the public comment period, MHA and member organizations provided written feedback, met with thte HPC, and pointed out significant concerns with some of the requirements; as a result HPC staff made meaningful revisions to the criteria.

The certification is voluntary – although it will likely be required by MassHealth for participation in its ACO program— and is designed to promote healthcare delivery transformation by improving quality, efficiency, and reducing costs. 

The HPC plans on developing an implementation guide for providers by the end of this summer; the program is expected to launch in September 2016.