Quality & Safety

A key tenet of the Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association is to ensure that quality and safety topics are high-priority, visible efforts of healthcare leadership. Ways to do this include the integration of proven patient safety strategies into healthcare processes of care; the monitoring and reporting progress on efforts to improve quality of care and patient safety; and measuring improvement over time on specific endeavors.
The Massachusetts Lung Cancer Screening Learning Collaborative is holding a kickoff meeting on Wednesday, March 14.
Hospitals are still reporting that they are low on IV bags, saline and emergency products.
After the state experienced a small dip in the flu during the first two weeks of January, last week flu cases spiked upward.
The American Nurses Association Massachusetts has joined the Coalition to Protect Patient Safety.
Massachusetts DPH and the Mass. Adult Immunization Coalition will hold the 23rd Annual Mass. Adult Immunization Conference on Tuesday, April 10.
BORN has sent notice informing nurses that an e-learning tool on domestic and sexual violence is not yet up and running.
HB1143 / SB1199 An Act Relative to the Closing of Hospital Essential Services
HB1144/SB1167 An Act Relative to Safe Patient Handling in Certain Health Facilities
HB1186 An Act to Promote Patient Care Transparency and Nurse Advancement
SB1174, HB1181/SB1183, SB1269, HB1136, HB1137, HB1207, HB3250, SB1248, SB1270, HB1175, HB1197, SB1230, HB2441, HB2477, HB3514, SB1212, SB1234 Healthcare Facilities
Massachusetts is the healthiest state in the union, according to a new survey from United Health foundation.
DPH reported last week that influenza-like illness was “widespread” in Massachusetts.
HB2180 Relative to Patient Choice to Promote Prescription Safety
HB565 Relative to Opioid Prescribing Practices and Access to Pain Management
Healthcare groups around the state, including MHA, are redoubling their efforts to address dementia care.
Caring for specific populations can be daunting in today’s fast-paced environment.
DPH notified providers last week that it has noticed an increase in HIV infections in people who inject drugs.
HB3239 An Act to Improve Access to and Reporting of Pharmacy Services in Hospitals
The Massachusetts Nurses Association’s attempt to violate Brigham and Women’ Hospital’s mandatory flu vaccination policy was rejected by a Suffolk Superior Court judge.
HB1162, HB1219, SB1265 Emergency Medical Services; Vital Records; Disposition of Remains