Public Health

The Massachusetts Legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Health considers matters regarding the public health of the commonwealth and other matters as referred. As its new name suggests, MHA and our members have an increasing focus on maintaining individuals’ health throughout their lives – as opposed to healing them when they fall ill. MHA is actively involved in matters of public health policy and legislation.
The Joint Committee on Public Health heard testimony on a bill that would mandate that DPH create a program to screen patients for the presence of firearms in the home.
HB1895, SB1339, HB2001, HB1907, HB1971, HB1915, HB2002, SB2408 Disposition of Remains, Late Files, Mandated Benefit, Miscellaneous Joint Committee on Public Health
MHA last week testified in favor of proposed legislation that would eliminate the religious exemption as a reason to refuse vaccinations for school admittance.
HB3999 An Act Relative to Vaccinations and Public Health. Joint Committee on Public Health
HB1862, SB1278, SB1350, HB1888/SB1340, HB1849/SB1297, HB2000 Professional Licensure and Scope of Practice
HB1346 / SB956 An Act removing the liability cap for malpractice resulting in serious injury or death Joint Committee on the Judiciary
HB976 An Act relative to uncollected copays, coinsurance and deductibles Joint Committee on Financial Services
SB558, HB972, SB551 Health Insurance Issues Joint Committee on Financial Services
HB1976 An Act Requiring Health Care Facilities to Develop and Implement Programs to Prevent Workplace Violence Joint Committee on Public Health
HB1072 An Act to prevent inappropriate denials for medically necessary services Joint Committee on Financial Services
SB1316 An Act establishing a newborn health and safe sleep pilot program. Joint Committee on Public Health
HB2126/SB1407 An Act establishing a primary seat belt law Joint Committee on Public Safety & Homeland Security
HB2126/SB1407 An Act establishing a primary seat belt law
HB1868/SB716, HB1965, HB1853/SB1235 Scope of Practice, Urgent Care, Step Therapy Joint Committee on Health Care Financing
H1944, An Act relative to nurse licensure compact in Massachusetts NLC Coalition Letter
HB929 An Act Requiring Reimbursement for the Costs of Providing Competent Interpreter Services
HB971, HB931, SB542, HB1009, HB976, HB1045, SB622, HB1003 Health Care Legislation Joint Committee on Financial Services
HB1709 / SB1137, HB1729 / SB1146, HB1741, HB1746, HB1711, HB1726, SB1138 Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Treatment Joint Committee on Mental Health, Substance Use & Recovery
HB158 An Act Relative to Ensuring the Safety of Residents of Facilities Under the Authority of the Department of Mental Health & the Department of Developmental Disabilities Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities
HB1412, HB3377, HB1379, HB1382, SB1035, HB1553 Civil Actions II Joint Committee on the judiciary


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