Department of Public Health

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) seeks to prevent illness, injury and premature death, assure access to high quality public health and healthcare services, and to promote wellness and health equity across the state. MHA engages with DPH on numerous issues ranging from responses to the opioid epidemic and tobacco cessation to healthcare facility licensure and workforce safety, advocating for the interests and concerns of our members.
Measles was declared eliminated from the United States in 2000. But it’s back.
The State Senate begins debate tomorrow on the Senate Ways & Means proposed state budget for FY2020 and the 1,100-plus amendments to it that have been filed.
The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) is updating its requirements for hospitals reporting healthcare-associated infection (HAI) data.
SB1709 / HB2529 An Act to Promote Healthy Alternatives to Sugary Drinks Joint Committee on Revenue
HB1142 / SB662 An Act to Cap Liability Related to Hospital Financial Penalties Joint Committee on Health Care Financing
HB1135 An Act to Address the Financial Stability of the Health Safety Net Joint Committee on Health Care Financing
HB1150 An Act to Restore Adequate Funding for Disproportionate Share Hospitals Joint Committee on Health Care Financing
HB931, HB957, HB967, HB1043, SB607, SB659, HB913, SB610, SB700 Out-of-Network/Surprise Billing/Provider Directories
HB1172 An Act Ensuring Protections for Physicians & Hospitals that Contract with Medicaid Managed Care Organizations Joint Committee on Health Care Financing
SB700 An Act Providing Financial Transparency for Patients Receiving Care at Hospital-Based Outpatient Facilities
HB1578 / SB838 An Act Strengthening the Penalty for Assault or Assault and Battery on an Emergency Medical Technician, Ambulance Operator, Ambulance Attendant or Health Care Provider
HB1133 / SB706, HB1178, HB1162 Pharmaceutical Access, Cost & Transparency Joint Committee on Health
Section 21 of SB7 Establishing a Primary Seat Belt Law TRANS32819
Last week, the American Academy of Pediatrics and American Heart Association encouraged legislation to reduce children’s consumption of sugary drinks.
SB7, SB2120, HB3179 Legislation to Enact a Hands-Free Driving Law Joint Committee on Transportation
HB140 An Act Relative to Abusive Practices to Change Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Minors Joint Committee on Children, Families & Persons with Disabilities
Several new Massachusetts policies are aiding the collective fight against the opioid epidemic.
Last week the top federal law enforcement official in the state wrote a Boston Globe op-ed in which he essentially said, don’t even think about opening a SIF.
Governor Charlie Baker last Wednesday released a $42.7 billion FY2020 state budget proposal that among other things maintains level MassHealth provider reimbursement rates,
Congratulations to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, which this year celebrates its 150th year of existence.


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