Department of Public Health

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) seeks to prevent illness, injury and premature death, assure access to high quality public health and healthcare services, and to promote wellness and health equity across the state. MHA engages with DPH on numerous issues ranging from responses to the opioid epidemic and tobacco cessation to healthcare facility licensure and workforce safety, advocating for the interests and concerns of our members.
A new Expedited Psychiatric Inpatient Admissions Policy, or EPIA 2.0, builds on the original EPIA that was released in February 2018.
DPH reminds providers that mandatory reporting of possible cases of unexplained e-cigarette or vaping-associated lung injury remains in effect.
HB1976 An Act Requiring Health Care Facilities to Develop and Implement Programs to Prevent Workplace Violence Joint Committee on Public Health
HB390, SB222 Robotic Surgery, Electronic Health Records Joint Committee on Economic Development & Emerging Technologies
Governor Charlie Baker last Friday introduced the latest legislative proposal to reform the state’s healthcare system.
Massachusetts is seeking input on the design of a new initiative called “Moving Massachusetts Upstream” (MassUP).
H1944, An Act relative to nurse licensure compact in Massachusetts NLC Coalition Letter
HB929 An Act Requiring Reimbursement for the Costs of Providing Competent Interpreter Services
SB564 An Act Relative to Health Insurer Reserve Requirements Joint Committee on Financial Services
HB971, HB931, SB542, HB1009, HB976, HB1045, SB622, HB1003 Health Care Legislation Joint Committee on Financial Services
On September 24, Governor Charlie Baker declared a public health emergency due to severe lung disease associated with the use of e-cigarettes and vaping products.
HB1709 / SB1137, HB1729 / SB1146, HB1741, HB1746, HB1711, HB1726, SB1138 Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Treatment Joint Committee on Mental Health, Substance Use & Recovery
HB158 An Act Relative to Ensuring the Safety of Residents of Facilities Under the Authority of the Department of Mental Health & the Department of Developmental Disabilities Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities
HB1412, HB3377, HB1379, HB1382, SB1035, HB1553 Civil Actions II Joint Committee on the judiciary
HB1013 / SB652, HB969 / SB561, HB915 / SB582 Pharmaceuticals Joint Committee on Financial Services
SB1149, HB1702 / SB1142 Non-Opioid Medications & Miscellaneous Joint Committee on Mental Health, Substance Use & Recovery
Massachusetts Department of Public Health last Wednesday mandated that all healthcare providers report all diagnosed or suspected cases of unexplained vaping-associated pulmonary disease to DPH.
Last Wednesday, the Public Health Council signed off on the final e-prescribing regulations, which go into effect on December 27, 2019.
HB1151, HB3419 / SB1028, HB813 / SB996, HB3331, SB841, HB3656, SB986 Medical Malpractice, Treble Damages & Public Charities Joint Committee on the Judiciary
The federal government signaled last week that is moving to ban flavored e-cigarettes from the market.


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