AHA’s M.D. Outreach Resonates With MHA

The American Hospital Association announced last week that it was launching the AHA Physician Alliance to strengthen its outreach to physicians. Noting that physician/hospital relationships have never been more important, the AHA said the Alliance was formed to include “the clinical voice” in the AHA’s work.  It will focus on three strategies: 1) Lead Well, to develop collaborative teams to move organizations forward; 2) Be Well, to improve the health of clinicians; and 3) Care Well to focus on better health for patients and communities.

MHA’s Steven Defossez, M.D., VP for Clinical Integration, applauded AHA’s effort and noted how it mirrors what MHA has accomplished through its Physician/Hospital Integration Collaborative (PHIC) and Physician Leadership Council (PLC).
“In today’s accountable care environment, physicians must be at the table in any discussion about how to move the healthcare system forward as a whole,” Defossez said. “MHA has been able to do this through PHIC and PLC and we applaud AHA for creating the Physician Alliance.”

Defossez said he was especially interested in tracking the progress of the AHA Alliance’s “Be Well” initiative now that MHA and the Mass. Medical Society have begun a task force on the important issue of physician burnout.