Staffing Data for Every Hospital Unit is Easily Available

The PatientCareLink website now contains the budgeted staffing plans for nearly every unit of each hospital in Massachusetts for FY 2019.  Web visitors can select specific hospitals and see the staffing plans for more than 700 individual units, including emergency departments, at 80-plus acute care and post-acute hospitals across the state. The budgeted plans also show descriptions of the type of care provided on the various units, team members who support patient care, and any changes in the types of patient care units from year to year.

Through PatientCareLink, hospitals also file their actual staffing plans from the previous year and explain what actions were taken if there is a significant variation (+/-5%) from the budgeted plan. The actual staffing and variance from budgeted data is expected to be posted in the spring of 2019. Massachusetts hospitals have voluntarily posted this staffing information for 13 years.

Patient outcomes such as fall rates, pressure ulcer rates, and Hospital Compare measures are also listed here on PatientCareLink.