Candidates Sought for Patient and Family Peer Support Network

The Betsy Lehman Center, which is the non-regulatory agency affiliated with the state’s Center for Health Information & Analysis, announced that it is creating a Patient and Family Peer Support Network to provide help for patients and families to receive support after a medical error or an adverse event.
The Center is looking for previous or current patients who have experienced a medical error and/or an unanticipated outcome and who are interested in becoming a peer supporter. The Center will then train select volunteers so they can help other patients and family members in the aftermath of a medical error or adverse event. Hospitals are encouraged to reach out to their communities to suggest candidates. Those interested in becoming a peer supporter can fill out this form.
Last November, the Betsy Lehman Center began recruiting hospitals to initiate a pilot program for clinician peer support following medical errors and unexpected outcomes. Fifteen hospitals and outpatient practices signed up for the pilot program.