How Would You Improve the Behavioral Health System?

The state wants to improve the ambulatory behavioral health system and is asking the healthcare sector and the public for ideas on how to make it happen. The request for information follows a series of eight listening sessions the Executive Office of Health and Human Services held around the state this summer. EOHHS found that while Massachusetts has the highest number of providers per capita in the U.S., Massachusetts behavioral health organizations have great trouble recruiting and retaining personnel. Insurance reimbursement is low for behavioral healthcare, patients have trouble accessing care, and those needing care still face the stigma of dealing with mental health and substance use issues. The state is seeking solutions to those problems and others from either behavioral health practitioners, medical professionals who are not in a behavioral health treatment setting, or from the general public, trade organizations, and insurers. To participate, click on this link and choose the respondent group that best suits you. The deadline for submissions is Friday, December 20 at 5 p.m. MHA is planning on submitting a completed RFI.