MHQP Survey: The Focus on Behavioral Health Paying Off

According to the most recent patient experience survey from the Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP) – the fifteenth such annual survey – 74% of primary care providers in the commonwealth ask their patients about behavioral health concerns, such as if they’re feeling sad, empty, depressed, worried or stressed. That’s up from just 50% of providers in 2013.
MHQP said primary care providers are even better asking about behavioral health concerns with patients who have a chronic condition. Providers asked 75.3% of patients with a chronic condition if they have behavioral health concerns, and the score rose to 83.6% when that chronic condition was depression.
Hospitals have been devoting more resources to behavioral healthcare. Governor Baker’s sweeping healthcare reform bill released last October would compel insurance companies and providers to increase combined expenditures on primary care and behavioral health by 30% over three years.