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Voices in Healthcare

MHA Supports Federal Healthcare Reform

Below is the Massachusetts Hospital Association's statement regarding federal healthcare reform, which we sent to our Congressional delegation in Washington:

The Massachusetts Hospital Association (MHA) urges the U.S. House of Representatives to pass the Senate healthcare reform bill in conjunction with the companion reconciliation amendment.  Passing this landmark legislation will mean coverage for more than 31 million Americans who don't have health insurance and stronger protection for those who do have coverage.

Massachusetts hospitals have been proud to take part in the shared responsibility to provide low-cost, high-quality care for all in our state, which has led the nation in this regard. While we remain wary of the size of the Medicare and Medicaid cuts, we hope to work with the Administration and our Congressional representatives in the future to protect the groundbreaking success of our state program.

We applaud the federal healthcare legislation for stressing administrative simplification, and for funding research and clinical improvement, and a host of public health initiatives, that will help improve the healthcare system.  Further, we recognize that the bill represents an important first step in exploring vitally-needed delivery system reforms that will eventually realign our sometimes fragmented healthcare system.  Although any reform effort will by necessity be complex, we believe this bill puts patients first, as do we – so we urge you to vote yes.

With this vote, Congress can help us cut through existing red tape so our hospitals can be more efficient. We  can begin to mend the healthcare safety net that hospitals struggle to bind. National reform can help build information networks for hospitals to continue to improve the quality of care. Those who feel Massachusetts does not need to be concerned about national efforts because we have been an early adopter of reform, should understand the very real and much needed improvements this law can have on our own healthcare system. It's late, but it's not too late for Washington to do its job, so we can do ours.