Your Housing Affects Your Health

Where you live affects your health. You can watch your weight, exercise, and cut down on alcohol, but if you live in a dangerous neighborhood, or one where you can’t easily get to a grocery store with healthy eating options, or if the structure you live in triggers respiratory problems or keeps you from getting a good night’s sleep, your health will suffer. Addressing such “social determinants of health” – housing, education, transportation, and low-income, to name a few – are increasingly part of hospitals’ focus as they care for the populations in their service areas.
In October, MHA, the Alliance for Community Health Integration, the Boston Area Accountable Care Organization Social Determinants of Health Collaboration, and the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers are holding a two-part webinar series to draw attention to the link between health and housing. MHA last week reached out to the hospital community with information about how to register for the webinars.