Reducing Readmissions in Massachusetts: A New Report

In a state-of-the-state MHA report, we look at generally accepted readmissions data, identify opportunities for improvement, and detail readmission reduction best practices now underway at Mass. hospitals.

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Substance Use Disorder Prevention and Treatment Task Force Guidance

The Massachusetts Hospital Association (MHA) and its Substance Use Disorder Prevention and Treatment Task Force (SUDPTTF/Task Force) has issued new provider-focused and provider-developed guidance that seeks to address the misuse of opioid prescriptions in ED settings.

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Support the Nurse Licensure Compact: It Benefits Patients and Nurses Alike

There's an amendment to the Senate Ways & Means Committee budget being debated this week that can improve patient care and simultaneously save nurses money by reducing the burden of holding and paying for multiple licenses in several states. It's amendment #622, filed by Sen. Don Humason (R-Westfield), which would adopt the Natio ...

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