Health System Opportunity: Equity in Healthcare

The Boston-based Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) has a new initiative called Pursuing Equity Learning & Action Network, and is looking to partner with health system teams to fulfill the initiative’s goals.
The intensive, 18-month effort seeks to eliminate inequities in healthcare, provide improvement methods and tools for testing and learning, create a network for sharing, and disseminate what is learned, including results, challenges, and effective improvements.
IHI will mobilize experts in improvement science and health equity to work in close partnership with the participating organizations. Learning activities will be delivered virtually and in person.
IHI is looking for health system teams that have demonstrated commitment to advancing equity; are prepared to share data and learning; have data systems available to understand and track equity gaps; can engage a multi-departmental team; accept Medicaid; and have the ability to fund travel and lodging to and from the four in-person meetings.
This 10-page document outlines the program’s strategy and IHI’s approach, as well as details relating to who should participate and the cost to participants. Novartis US Foundation has agreed to cover a limited number of enrollments in Massachusetts.
If you have any questions about the IHI initiative, Novartis US Foundation’s offer to cover enrollments, or any other issue, please contact David Coletta, IHI’s executive director of Strategic Alliances, at (617) 391-9908 or dcoletta@ihi.org.