MHA collects ongoing data to track the current state of Massachusetts’ behavioral health system, and to inform our collective response to issues around access, workforce, and capacity.


Capturing a Crisis: Behavioral Health Boarding

MHA captures weekly data around the number of behavioral health patients “boarding” in hospital emergency departments or other units as they await the specialized psychiatric bed they need.

Workforce Shortages & Bed Availability

Nearly 20% of inpatient psychiatric beds in Massachusetts state are offline, solely because there are not enough workers to staff them.

Continuing Care Beds

Hundreds of patients are unable to access Department of Mental Health (DMH) services and are therefore “stuck” in hospital inpatient psychiatric units and freestanding psychiatric facilities.

State Agency Services for Pediatric Patients

Throughout the year at Massachusetts hospitals, dozens of “state-agency-involved” children are ready to be discharged but are “stuck” in the hospitals because they cannot access the next level of care they require.