Healthcare delivery is evolving at a rapid pace. But these innovations need the proper infrastructure to grow and become a permanent part of Massachusetts’ healthcare future. MHA, through its advocacy and collaboration with partners across the sector, helps champion these new care delivery models that can lower costs and improve patient access.

These innovations include:


Virtual care is a game-changer for patients and providers alike. Telehealth allows patients to have a variety of their care needs met through the comfort of their home, saving them time, money, and transportation obstacles that are often a barrier to access.


Hospital at Home programs allow patients to receive acute-level care without leaving home. This approach has been shown to improve the patient experience, clinical outcomes, and costs. Hospital at Home services also help prevent emergency department visits and open up access to hospital beds.


MIH allows providers to leverage mobile resources, including EMS, to deliver ongoing care to patients in a personalized environment outside of healthcare facilities. EMS professionals visit the patient’s residence, facilitate treatment, and connect patients virtually with their clinicians. These programs are especially effective for individuals with chronic conditions and behavioral health needs, and for follow-up and preventative care.