Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association

Massachusetts Hospital Leaders Issue Urgent Message to the General Public

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As the healthcare system grapples with its greatest set of challenges since the pandemic began, a renewed sense of diligence is urgently needed.

To our community members,

Massachusetts hospitals and health systems have reached a crisis point. 

Our ERs and hospitals are nearing full capacity.
COVID-19 cases are rising rapidly.
And our caregivers have been through a long and difficult 22 months.

The good news is that we have the tools to turn the tide, but it will take a team effort. It will take a renewed sense of diligence and responsibility from everyone who calls Massachusetts home. 

Time and again, the people of Massachusetts have answered the call and stepped up to support healthcare providers and each other. Now, we are calling for your support once again. 

We are issuing an urgent plea to do these five things as the holidays approach:

  1. Get vaccinated for both COVID-19 and the flu, and get boosted when you are eligible. 
  2. Always wear a mask when in public and when social distancing isn’t possible.
  3. Get tested for COVID-19 if you develop symptoms or if you come into close contact with someone who has tested positive. 
  4. Keep up with your regular medical appointments, as we are now seeing the devastating effects of delayed care from the first waves of the pandemic. 
  5. Seek care from your doctor or local urgent care center when appropriate. When in doubt, you should never hesitate to visit your local emergency room. But for many medical situations, these settings can provide you with more timely and efficient care.

For the health of our communities, there is no time to wait.
For the loved one or neighbor who needs a hospital bed, there is no time to wait.
And for the caregivers who have put their lives on the line every day, there is no time to wait.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our hospitals and health systems and the lifesaving work our providers do every day. 

We can get through this together, one meaningful action at a time.

Signed by members of the Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association’s 
Expanded Executive Committee:

Kevin B. Churchwell, M.D.
President & CEO
Boston Children’s Hospital

Michael Dandorph
President & CEO

Eric W. Dickson, M.D., MHCM, FACEP
President & CEO
UMass Memorial Health

Mark A. Keroack, M.D., MPH
President & CEO
Baystate Health

Anne Klibanski, M.D.
President & CEO
Mass General Brigham

Christine C. Schuster, R.N., MBA
President & CEO
Emerson Hospital

Kevin Tabb, M.D.
President & CEO
Beth Israel Lahey Health

Kate E. Walsh, MPH
President & CEO
Boston Medical Center

Steve Walsh
President & CEO
Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association