Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association

MHA Comment on the HPC’s 2023 Cost Trends Hearing

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Michael Sroczynski, Senior Vice President & General Counsel

“Today’s Cost Trends Hearing underscored that it will take every component of our system to make healthcare more affordable and equitable for the people of Massachusetts. As provider leaders made clear, our hospitals and health systems are proud to be at the forefront of this mission each day – even as they navigate their own intense financial challenges.

“We are especially grateful for the attention on cost drivers that have accelerated in recent years, including workforce shortages, administrative complexity, and pharmaceutical prices. This is a time for Massachusetts to be bold in cutting through red tape, investing in innovative care that improves patient access, and ensuring that every part of the sector is held accountable.

“We will continue to work closely with the HPC and our partners across healthcare as we build a more accessible, cost-efficient, and equitable system for everyone who calls Massachusetts home.”