Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association

Better Together: Preparing for the Next Public Health Emergency

A clinician running down a hospital hallway
MHA’s Better Together report provides a comprehensive review of how the commonwealth’s healthcare system responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lessons learned from that event that will be of use during a future public health emergency.

MHA convened more than 175 leaders from 54 organizations to help construct the report, which incorporates responses from topic-specific roundtable discussions, one-on-one interviews with CEOs and state leaders, and replies to an accompanying survey.

Better Together’s recommendations center on how providers, policymakers, and other healthcare interests in Massachusetts can address the:

  • essential role of collaboration and effective communication across the entire care continuum, and in collaboration with the state;
  • changing nature of care delivery, including the necessary expansion of telehealth;
  • need to grow and empower the healthcare workforce, including how to support and deploy a limited workforce while alleviating employee strain and burnout;
  • continued focus on health equity and behavioral health to ensure quality care for all;
  • role of dynamic data and analytics, including the need of a real-time situation awareness tool; and
  • future of the supply chain, involving, among other actions, the development of a statewide emergency supply chain infrastructure.
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