Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association

Compendium of Care Innovations & Strategies

An open hand revealing medical innovation icons. The cover of MHA's Innovations in Care compendium is overlayed.

Workforce vacancies across the healthcare continuum are straining bed availability and creating capacity bottlenecks, leading providers to implement new and innovative strategies that can help maximize the talents of their caregivers. These approaches work in tandem with broader workforce development efforts, and allow healthcare professionals to provide safe, high-quality, and empowered care.

As the volume of these strategies continues to grow, MHA’s Continuum of Care Council created a compendium to document both short- and long-term strategies and care models that may aid in patient care during this crisis and beyond.

While the compendium is not exhaustive, it pulls from the latest trends to showcase strategies that fit a range of settings and resource capabilities. Each strategy and care model has a brief description, linked resources to learn more, and surface barriers to implementation. MHA will also use this listing to guide our advocacy efforts to increase access to care and to empower the workers who make care possible.