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MEMBER MOMENTS: Find Your Place Campaign Strengthened by Worker Stories

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Last month’s rollout of the new “Find Your Place in Healthcare” campaign website garnered attention from across the state, primarily due to the video testimonials from workers in a variety of high-needed positions discussing their roles and responsibilities and what drew them to the healthcare field. Approximately 60 such testimonials are included on the Find Your Place website, with more being added each day.

The website highlights the approximately 20,000 open positions at Massachusetts healthcare facilities, and directs people to career pages at each of those sites. It also includes a resource page containing links to, among other items, the MassConnect free community college program, Upskilling Navigator that matches an individual’s interest to training programs, local MassHire Workforce Boards, and apprenticeship information.

MHA members across the state are now partaking in a four-week social media blitz to share the video testimonials and drive viewers to the new website.

Individuals can search jobs by Massachusetts county and then by the facilities within those counties. A section of the website details average annual wages for positions that are seeing especially acute shortages.