Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is harmful, callous, and completely detached from the necessary reproductive care that is delivered in our country every day. 

“This ruling does more than just erode essential personal freedoms for vulnerable individuals; it is a tremendous blow to public health in our nation.

“We echo the serious concerns of our colleagues across the country about what this will mean for the safety and wellbeing of patients in states that are stripping these fundamental rights away. This much we do know: no law can prevent someone from terminating a pregnancy. It can only prevent them from doing so safely with the consult of experienced, compassionate clinicians.

“To the women and birthing people across the United States: the hospitals and health systems of Massachusetts have your back. We are committed to advocating for reproductive rights until the day we are assured that every American has access to the services they need.

“Here in Massachusetts, we are proud of the state’s long history as a leader in reproductive rights. Along with our elected officials and local patient advocates, we look forward to not just maintaining – but building upon – the strong infrastructure that healthcare providers have established for individuals seeking safe, accessible reproductive care.

“But there is no question that great uncertainty remains. It is not yet clear what effect this ruling will have on care demand in states like Massachusetts, nor on the liability of local healthcare providers who perform abortions. MHA and our members will continue to fight for patients and clinicians every step of the way.”