Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association

#HAVHope: Massachusetts Hospitals Against Violence

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Healthcare is about healing.
Healthcare is about supporting everyone in need.
But unacceptable acts of workplace violence too often stand in the way of that mission.

MHA and our members are committed to making that end.

Hospitals and health systems across the commonwealth are working daily to support the safety and wellbeing of healthcare workers. #HAVHope Day (June 7 this year) gives us an opportunity to shine a light on this pervasive issue, educate community members on the role they can play, and champion statewide solutions.

MHA data shows that a violent incident occurs in a Massachusetts hospital every 36 minutes. Putting an end to this trend is one of the association’s top priorities, and we are proud to work with our members on the following initiatives aimed at improving safety and reducing violence for all patients and caregivers:

  • Quantifying: Collecting and reporting data on incidents of violence in hospitals.
  • Setting Expectations: Adopting a united set of principles for patient and family codes of conduct in hospitals.
  • Advocating: Championing state legislation and supporting federal reforms that would set new standards for violence prevention, create new supports for victims, and increase penalties for those who knowingly commit violence against healthcare workers.
  • Collaborating: Convening regular meetings with healthcare leaders across security/public safety, nursing, behavioral health, and other roles to discuss and identify solutions to everyday challenges.
  • Educating: Providing educational opportunities for healthcare leaders to share and learn best practices related to safety and violence prevention.
  • Ensuring for safe and equitable care for all.

Please join us as we stand together with colleagues across the nation to #HAVHope and support the safety and wellbeing of everyone who has devoted their life to working in healthcare.