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MEMBER MOMENTS: Sturdy CEO, Continuing Investments in the Face of Financial Challenges

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Aimee Brewer, the president & CEO of Sturdy Health in Attleboro, drafted an op-ed in the Sun Chronicle this week in which she clearly laid out the challenges her hospital and hospitals across the state are facing, while stressing her commitment to continue “intentionally, strategically and methodically investing in our community, our people and our health system.”

Brewer wrote, “The pandemic may be over, but hospitals are still grappling with their greatest fiscal pressures, sustained workforce shortages, rising inflation and a behavioral health crisis.” She cited an MHA study on spiraling temporary labor costs, the demands of a growing migrant population, and how the sudden permanent closure of Compass Health, and the temporary closures of other area hospitals, puts tremendous pressure on Sturdy Memorial.

“These are real life examples of why we must continue investing in our infrastructure and do all we can to revitalize our aging facilities, ensuring that our community is not one catastrophe away from having no care available locally,” she wrote. “Our board and leadership team created a multi-year strategic roadmap dedicated to creating an even stronger, more resilient health system. Strengthening Sturdy’s financial position is a foundational part of our plan.”

Brewer said that while the hospital is focused on efficiencies and cutting costs, it can’t stop focusing on “strategic growth investments to meet the changing needs of our community.”

After detailing investments underway or planned, Brewer closes her op-ed by stating, “You have our commitment that we will continue to focus on financial recovery and sustainability while purposefully investing in the health and well-being of our patients, communities and each other.”