Behavioral Health

Information on how hospitals, health systems and other caregivers can improve treatment and management of illnesses affecting the mind as well as the body.
Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) is using a federal grant to allow its health personnel to go into communities and train individuals on how to assist someone facing a mental health crisis.
The Health Policy Commission in coming months is scheduled to decide on whether the state’s healthcare cost growth benchmark – currently set at 3.1% – should remain at that level.
Last week, MHA submitted testimony strongly supporting a bill that would prohibit any licensed medical professional engaging with a minor in so-called conversion therapy.
Boston Medical Center is holding four separate buprenorphine waiver trainings in March and April.
As the Massachusetts House and Senate begin to construct their FY2020 budget proposals, MHA, in consultation with its members, is calling attention to a series of priorities.
Boston Medical Center is holding four separate buprenorphine waiver trainings in March and April.
National healthcare organizations have announced expansion of a program to assist hospitals in caring for an aging population.
Safe injection facilities (SIFs) – a location where people can inject illicit drugs under the supervision of trained staff – are on two distinct paths in the state.
New developments involving Baystate Health and South Shore Health.
The Massachusetts Attorney General’s office last week put a hard stop to an electronic vaping company’s sales in Massachusetts.
There is a special training this Wednesday, March 6, entitled “Understanding MAT for Adolescents and Young Adults with Opioid Use Disorder.”
Several new Massachusetts policies are aiding the collective fight against the opioid epidemic.
Last year, an insurance company denied life insurance coverage to a Boston Medical Center (BMC) nurse because she included Narcan on her application’s medication list.
Hospitals and health systems reported gifts, new facilities, planned expansions.
MHA-endorsed priority legislation is proposing a step to help resolve the shortage of behavioral healthcare workers.
Last week the top federal law enforcement official in the state wrote a Boston Globe op-ed in which he essentially said, don’t even think about opening a SIF.
The January edition of the Betsy Lehman Center’s monthly newsletter, Patient Safety Beat, features a story on the challenge of physician burnout.
Governor Charlie Baker last Wednesday released a $42.7 billion FY2020 state budget proposal that among other things maintains level MassHealth provider reimbursement rates,
A new paper released last week has raised the alarm on the pervasive problem of physician burnout.
Boston Medical Center Grayken Center for Addiction, and DPH’s Bureau of Substance Addiction Services are sponsoring free buprenorphine “x-waiver” trainings across the state.


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