Tobacco Cessation Resources

Providing cessation support to employees, patients, and visitors is an important step in implementing a tobacco-free policy. Upon admittance, ask patients and/or visitors if they use tobacco products and if so offer them cessation resources and tobacco-abatement products. As part of your employee benefits, you can put several measures in place to assist staff members to stop using tobacco including full coverage or partial reimbursement for individual counseling, prescriptions for pharmaceutical therapy (including nicotine replacement products) and cessation programs or counseling sessions for groups.
Cessation Resources for Healthcare Professionals
Cessation Benefit Fact Sheet: Boston Public Health Commission 
Clinical Practice Guidelines – Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence
Insurance Coverage Information
New York State Tobacco Independence Resource Center
o Massachusetts Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Program Resource list
Smoking Cessation Leadership Center
The University of Massachusetts Medical School Center for Tobacco Treatment Research and Training
University of Michigan Guidelines for Clinical Care
Cessation Support Resources for Smokers
American Cancer Society
American Lung Association
BPHC Flyer - Free Patch/Cessation Help for Boston Residents 
Make Smoking History
Cessation Resources for Substance Use Disorder and Psychiatric Providers
The New York Policy on Smoking in Addiction Treatment: Findings After 1 Year (2012)
Targeting Nicotine Addiction in a Substance Abuse Program (National Center for Biotechnology Information)  (2003)
A Rationale and Model for Addressing Tobacco Dependence in Substance Abuse Treatment, Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention and Policy (2006)
Smoking Policy and Treatment in State Operated Psychiatric Facilities, National Association of State Mental Health Directors (2006)
The Tobacco, Addictions, Policy and Education (TAPE) Project: Services for BSAS Substance Abuse Treatment Programs
Tobacco Free Living in Psychiatric Settings, National Association of State Mental Health Directors (2007)
Tobacco Recovery Resource Exchange – free registration required, extensive online trainings for addiction specialists
Tobacco Treatment for Persons with Substance Use Disorders: A Toolkit for Substance Abuse Treatment Providers, Signal Behavioral Health Network Colorado (2007)
Tobacco Use Treatment for Persons with Mental Illness, Linda Thomas University of Michigan Health System (PowerPoint)
Tobacco Use in Behavioral Health Populations